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Web Page Speed Optimization Using SEO Web Analyst (CASE STUDY).

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This post concludes the final chapter on the topic "WEBPAGE SPEED", believe me, I have done all I could to cover this topic extensively in my previous post on the same topic, describing the steps to increase your webpage speed or loading. Not to be a bad sport have taken up the privilege to execute the same steps on our site "SEO WEB ANALYST" in other to see how good our articles were on the topic.

Allow me to present to you image results from the four most popular web page speed optimization tools showing our before web page speed optimization and after web page speed optimization using the following web page speed tools.

1.) Pingdom Tool

seo web analyst blogger community


2.) Gtmetrix

seo web analyst blogger community


seo web analyst blogger community


seo web analyst blogger community

4.) Google Page Speed Insight (DESKTOP)

 seo web analyst blogger community

Google Page Speed Insight (MOBILE)

seo web analyst blogger community


To begin I will say my greatest headache was the cross-domain URLs from 3rd party sites like Google and Facebook (some other people can be livefyre, disquise, or some other 3rd party plugins).

I heavily rely on this 3rd party codes for instance the Recaptcha on my site which is highly dependable (you might suggest I remove that and build my own...You be right on the money) or the Facebook comment which we utilize (for this one we specifically had no idea for a solution because other commenting plugins are more worst and heavyweight in terms of size and loading).

But the thought of addressing these functions all affect the design of the site as most of the other stuff that was removed, eg the GeoIP plugins to detect web visitors' location and present it to them, was struck out alongside some other features on the site...In fact, at a point, I had to move some design works from the home page to another page on the site, you can see the effect of this from the page size difference from the images below.

We were able to reduce more than 50% of our initial webpage size prior to the execution of the 3 chapters web page speed optimization process.

seo web analyst blogger community

Another challenge was working around the CSS and javascript files, we had more than 4 CSS and more than 7 javascript on the site, in fact after minifying some and compressing with merging those that were compatible, our files and script counts were still off the standard requirement count of files needed on a webpage.

This was one of the headaches I had to face when different web designers had to remodel the same website over and over again (at least I forget the site SEO web analyst was actually designed 7 times before finally arriving with the current one you are seeing, a lot of split tests, user experience test, etc).


The benefit was totally awesome because our site now loads 10x faster than when we started and as we continue to progress on the website speed practice we unravel a lot of bad coding and unnecessary files lying around, they were doing nothing but adding to our page size and HTTP request time, this had to be cleaned.

I also enjoyed the idea of getting a faster loading website, it makes me feel comfortable as it will not be appealing if after tons of testing of a design or website and then later one start to see a decline in time spent on site due to slow loading webpage.

And like they say a faster loading website equals more time spent on your site which in turn equals a higher chance of conversion (if you have done all things right).


Overall I will denote that apart from SEO purposes or increase in sales purposes, a website loading speed should be an essential aspect for all webpreneurs and entrepreneurs to look at. FOOD FOR THOUGHT- Prevention is better than cure, it is best one makes haste while the sun still shines, better for you to incorporate web page speed as part of your website design (just as web mobile version is now popular standard for websites).

Finally, I will like to give a whole warm kudos to our consultant on the subject, Mr.Kan Speed a web page optimization specialist, he and his team gave us the extra push we need to realize our AFTER OPTIMIZATION IMAGE RESULTS, the BEFORE OPTIMIZATION RESULTS were results based on what I could achieve from the chapters.

I do recommend Pingdom service compared to cost ran on gtmetrix or WEBPAGE TEST, also our web page speed tool is far much affordable (this is not a sales pitch, I actually paid him to perform extra work, especially where it seems I was not getting things right).

You can sign up on our website for a web page speed optimization test and we handle all sorts of frameworks, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP, HTML, etc.

For more information on the steps we covered to increase our webpage speed please follow the steps in each chapter via


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