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How To Improve Google Ranking.

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How To Improve Google Ranking.

Having top Google ranking is an improvement for any website online, but the most inquisitive question to bear in mind is the erratic ranking position which most web owners do observe their site been sitting on the top 10 results of Google and dwindling between positions 8 and 10. Well, you know that being on the top ten results of Google is kind of cool, in terms of getting laser jet targeted traffic with all sorts of web visitors coming to your site with different mindsets.

seo web analyst blogger community

Some to buy, some to make inquiries, and others just passing through, you can read more on it via How to do Keyword research [Link opens in new tab], so, therefore, it is essential to get your website listed for the accurate keyword phrases or search queries. You will need to gradually improve your search engine ranking positions since the volume of searches for a keyword phrase is not evenly distributed, ie if you were on number 9 on the list you will gain fewer visits compared to you being on number 3. I will be explaining to you, how I helped a client of mine to improve their website ranking on Google.

At first, you will think of it as being a piece of cake to improve a website that is already ranking or worst lost its ranking position but to be frank it is much more tricky than working on a fresh site that has never been optimized for SEO.

Well, I will say one thing for sure my client really knew the importance of ranking within the top 3 positions of local search results and was practically in luck I was less busy and kind of interested in working on their site.

So below are the outlined actions I took to improve Google ranking for my client website, kindly follow the same steps to see results in your local search engine rankings.

Please Note: Google pagerank has been no more PR (it is still used as a signal but no more accessible to the public).

First thing first you need to analyze the website, and to do this am not just talking about you using some SEO website analyzer or grader or checkup tool. I mean really an analysis of the site itself, you need to check the following points listed below.


10 Steps on How to Improve Your Google Rankings


Follow these listed steps on how to improve your Google rankings search engine optimization (SEO) and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search engine results.

1.) Check for broken links (external and internal) both images and anchor text links.

2.) Check for broken redirects, resolve their error codes.

3.) Check for duplicate contents on the site and correct them, this can be due to duplicate meta-tags, wrong 301 redirects you can read more on How To 301 Redirect (Avoid Duplicate Content SEO) [Link opens in new tab].

4.) Check meta-tags configurations, make sure your tags are all relevant to your website content, edit website content, and make sure keyword relevancy is not lost. I think if you read What is Onpage Optimization in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How To Optimize Website  [Link opens in new tab] you will get a better picture of how to get this right.

5.) Check website page speed, quite a crucial factor but easily ignored by most. You seriously need to keep improving on your website loading speed. Luckily I have written a lot of website page speed case studies and write-ups to cover this topic, visit Web Page Speed Optimization Using SEO Web Analyst (CASE STUDY) and if you own a WordPress site you can mix with this How To Speed Up WordPress Site Load Time [Link opens in new tab].

6.) Check if the current website you want to improve Google rank has a robot.txt and a site map with a favicon (most do not include all this 3)

7.) Check if they have Google analytic installed on their website, how else are you going to track your work integrated via Google webmaster tools.

8.) Use the Google webmaster tool to check for bad links (suspected or toxic) and disavow them you will get more insight from my post on How To 301 Redirect, (AVOID DUPLICATE CONTENT SEO) listed above.

9.) Check their website traffic if they have installed Google analytics already on the website, read more on this topic via How To Analyze Your Website Traffic, and most importantly try to come up with a user testing strategy that will reduce bounce rate on the page you are working on to improve Google ranking [Links open in new tab].

10.) Now after all these checks and fixes, you seriously need to check their closest competitor and study how they compare with your client, see their loopholes and use them against them. Try to improve on areas their competitors lack and build concise targeted links with low OBL (Out Bound Links), high PageRank, and more dofollow mix of all sort of target-related backlinks on different IPs and actual linking page PageRank. Yea do not forget to index their site mentions a lot on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, etc

I was able to do this successfully via using our blogging platform to create a dedicated blog for them @ where I did research and posted quality content that ranked on Google local search, which ended up as an added value to my client. Has the posts are permanent and provide referral traffic (filtered) to their site.

There is a rule of thumb that I use to prevent contract dictions with clients when I guest blog same as brand blogging, I do not take up similar clients as long as my contract with current clients has not expired or if they place me on a retainer ship program. 

The images below represent results I was able to achieve with my client during the period of 3 months executing the list mentioned above.

seo web analyst blogger community

Instaforex ranking summary.

seo web analyst blogger community

instaforex improve Google ranking.

Alexa Ranking improved during the few months working on against their competitor

If you check the two sites in the image below, you will notice that my client site has more preference and more reach than their competitor, looking back to when the site was seriously underachieved.

seo web analyst blogger community

If you are looking for a professional SEO service you can contact me on +2347034222684 (shoot me an email also:- info [at] or if you already have hired one already then please kindly read this topic 8 Things SEO Specialist Do On Websites as a guideline to know if he or she knows what they will be doing on your website.


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